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How may we help you?

At Voices of Today we seek to empower people who feel inspired to become involved in the burgeoning world of spoken word audio production. The astounding increase in the production and consumption of audiobooks indicates that the general human need for a well-told story is as great as ever. However, many people find that launching a career as a narrator can be intimidating. A helping hand can make the journey to success both quicker and more enjoyable.


Raising your voice

The narrator experience is paradoxical; it is about both the individual and the community of listeners that he or she serves. Narrators work in isolation, recording the stories that they love and which add depth and meaning to their lives, and through the miracle of audio technology, transmit that experience to a vast audience of unseen listeners. Listening to a well-narrated audiobook can be a truly transformative experience. The rewards of delivering that experience are even greater.


Enjoying the journey

Long-form narration is not an activity that suits everyone. Many people would find the idea of sitting (or standing) alone in a room for hours on end recording a novel for an invisible audience impossibly unattractive. However, for those that become hooked by this particular creative process, the journey, although often challenging, is full of delightful surprises and brings a rare sense of accomplishment. And one also becomes part of the amazingly warm and supportive world-wide community of narrators.