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The narrators listed on this page are independent spoken audio contractors who have agreed to be listed on this site for referral purposes only.

Any one who wishes to engage the services of one of these narrators may initiate contact by using the Narrator Inquiry form. All further negotiations would be conducted solely between the client and the narrator.

No business relationship between Voices of Today and the listed narrators is to be inferred unless it is specifically stated by a narrator that such a relationship exists. In all other cases narrators operate their own businesses independently and set their own terms.

As with printed books, narrators release their recordings through a publisher. The decision whether to accept a recording for publication and the determination of the means of distribution rest with the publisher.

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Amanda Friday

Amanda has a BA in Theatre and has performed in plays and musicals for over twenty years. She is a professional narrator and voiceover artist with over thirty titles on Audible. Amanda has been a member of Librivox since 2011, collaborating on over 430 projects. In 2015, she co-founded The Online Stage with Denis Daly and is currently the artistic director. Capable of a wide range of emotions, her voice has best been described as the sweet girl next door with an undercurrent of sass. She is passionate about the arts and bringing high quality recorded works into homes the world over.

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Cate Barratt

 With a life-long love of reading aloud it was natural that Cate would move into theatre and later into audiobook narration. She began her journey with Librivox, where she read over 1000 sections and, later, contributed to several projects at Rhapsodize Audio. Since 2016, she has seen over 50 titles published on Audible, and counting. Cate is fluent in French, has a working knowledge of Spanish, and retains a smattering of German.

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Christianne Lupher

Christianne has had a passion for stories all her life – writing, acting and reading aloud. In 2017 she began recording for Librivox and later that year was invited to join Voices of Today and the Online Stage. Her goal in narrating is to find the heart of a piece and bring it to the listener's ear – whether the emotional center in a work of fiction or the conceptual center in a work of nonfiction. Born in Texas and raised in Texas, Wyoming and a mixed American/British community in Saudi Arabia she’s comfortable with American-General, American- Southern, and British-General accents.

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Denis Daly

Denis is the CEO of Voices of Today. He is a professional audio book narrator and producer and currently has over 100 audio titles published on Audible.com. He is also co-founder of Rhapsodize, an initiative to promote the performance and recording of classic poetry. In 2015 he co-founded The Online Stage with Amanda Friday. He has narrated and produced spoken audio in many genres, including fiction, poetry, drama, history and self-help literature.

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Jeff Moon

Jeff has a BA in Theatre and has been a stage and film actor for over thirty years. He has narrated audiobooks published on Audible.com as a solo narrator and as a member of The Online Stage He is also a reader for many projects with Librivox.org. These projects include straight narration as well as character voices for dramatic readings and plays. He has read copy for web-based corporate videos for clients such as SPX Flow and ConfigurEx.
He has a general American accent but am capable of other accents, including standard British, Southern, New Yorker, Irish, and Russian accents.
He lives in Rochester, New York with his beautiful wife and two very spoiled Shih Tzus.

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Jennifer Fournier

Jennifer Fournier began her voice acting career with Librivox in December 2015. She moved quickly to commercial productions, first with The Online Stage as Jocasta in Oedipus Rex and then to audiobooks, becoming the voice of Polly Parrett in the Polly Parrett Pet-Sitter Cozy Murder Mystery series. Whether narrating a textbook or the adventures of teenage space explorers, Jennifer will bring professionalism and passion to every project she does. “I thought Jennifer Fournier did a fantastic job with the narration. I would not hesitate to listen to any other books that she is narrating.” (listener review of narration of Transcendence by Danielle Ackley-McPhail.)

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John Burlinson

John Burlinson has been narrating audiobooks since 1984. His earliest projects were in partnership with the Texas State Library’s Talking Books Program,which serves readers with visual disabilities. Although he read material of all types, levels and genres, John specialized in literature of the American West: its history, legends and lore. John has narrated hundreds of sections for LibriVox, and in 2015 he became a member of The Online Stage. John has been featured in a wide range of Online Stage productions, from classics like Sophocles and Shakespeare, to original contemporary radio dramas.

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Kristin has been involved with theatre all her life, and started narrating audiobooks for Librivox in 2011, where she has completed over 1000 sections. She started her professional narrator career in 2016 with Listen2aBook. She is an administrator and very active performer at The Online Stage. Kristin records in English as well as her mother tongue of Norwegian, and has a working knowledge of other Scandinavian languages and French. Kristin's deep love for the written word is reflected in her commitment to the production and promotion of premium spoken audio content.

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Lee Ann Howlett

Lee Ann has been a professional audiobook narrator since 2011 when she began her career with Iambik Audiobooks. She is an Audible Approved Producer who has worked with
Audible/ACX, Listen 2 a Book, and The Online Stage. Lee Ann has also been a volunteer narrator for LibriVox since 2007. A former university medical school librarian, her lifelong love for books has taken her career in various directions and the journey continues!

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Leanne Yau

Leanne has had extensive experience in theatre and voice acting. Starting out in 2012 recording audiobooks of her favourite stories, she then progressed to volunteering on Librivox in 2016, where she has completed over 100 sections. Leanne then began recording professionally after joining The Online Stage. She has narrated and produced spoken audio in many genres, including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, drama, and comedy. Leanne is also fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin and German.

Linda Barrans

Linda speaks reasonable French and Italian and very bad German. Twenty years of Community Theatre has left her with a knack for accents and the tendency to burst into song when not supervised. She joined Librivox in January of 2016 where she wallowed in Shakespeare until she was invited to join the Online Stage, where she has undertaken a wide variety of roles. So far she is most proud of her work as Lady Macbeth and Jane Austen’s Mrs Bennett.

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Marie Hoffman

Marie has been narrating and producing audiobooks since 2012. Marie brings skill and confidence to every project. Her vocal attributes — educated, articulate, engaging, mature, believable and trustworthy — create an air of warmth and wisdom. Marie graduated from Montclair State University (2001) with a BS in Finance and is well-versed in business jargon. Marie is experienced at live public speaking, having voiced presentations in both corporate and casual settings. Marie also volunteers her services as narrator at the Jewish Braille Institute Library in NYC.

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Nancy German

Nancy German's twenty-seven years of experience has included work with high caliber, major market clients all over the world, such as Nissan, Sony,  Vistaprint,  Aveeno and Exxon.  Her warm and engaging delivery has been much sought for radio and television advertising,  training videos adn YouTube media blitzes.

Nancy has had many years of improv training and is also an experienced on-camera actress.  She is comfortable as the friendly, playful girl next door,  the cackling grandmother or the sultry vixen.

Nancy welcomes the challenge of bringing your characters to life!

Sarah Bacaller

Sarah began voice narration work in 2015, initially with Librivox and subsequently with the the Online Stage community. She brings a passion for literature, education and creative thinking to her narration work.

Sarah is a featured voice on the Spoken Realms website and has participated in works spanning genres of Australian poetry, plays and theatre, fiction literature and German philosophy. Her latest Audible titles include L.M. Montgomery's Short Stories 1904 and G.W.F. Hegel's Philosophy of Mind. She also offers services in audiobook cover design. 

Sarah resides in Melbourne, Australia and narrates with an Australian accent. 

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Susan Iannucci

Trained professionally as a fine artist, Susan now paints pictures with words, inflection and tonality. She has been a professional audiobook narrator since 2009. She first produced for Audible/ACX in 2012 and joined the Online Stage in 2015. She has also been a volunteer narrator with Learning Ally since 2008, narrating or contributing to over one hundred books.. A CEO of a leading voice agency said “.. [Susan’s] voice is inspirational and caring, yet, still optimistic, warm…”

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