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Voices of Today provides a full range of services in spoken word production.

Audiobook narration

Voices of Today offers a recording service to authors who wish to have their books narrated. Clients can choose either a narration-only service or a full audio-book production.

Audiobook production

At Voices of Today we can prepare and produce audiobooks from pre-recorded material in any common audio format. If required your spoken audio can be enhanced with music or sound effects. Recordings can be set up for distribution either on line or by CD. Production services include the creation of high quality case covers.

Audio mastering

The audio specifications for spoken word recordings are quite stringent and are often difficult to achieve for narrators working outside a professional studio environment. Voices of Today offers a mastering service which will ensure that your audio will be of pristine quality.

Cover design

Every audio product, whether it comes on a disk or as a download, requires accompanying cover art. A striking and attractive cover image is a very important element in the effective marketing of spoken audio products. At Voices of Today we can design cover images for a wide range of publications, including:

  • Downloadable audiobooks
  • CDs and CD packs
  • Kindle books

Please check our Gallery page for samples.

Narrator support

Would you like to record an audiobook but don't know where to start? Do you feel intimidated by the amount of knowledge and experience required to establish yourself as an audiobook narrator? Voices of Today can provide the following mentoring services to help build your profile as spoken word professional:

  • advice about equipment
  • advice about recording and editing
  • liaison with audiobook publishers
  • evaluation of narrations
  • career development through membership of the drama production group The Online Stage

Text transcription service

Linking a recording of a public domain text to an individually crafted e-book can not only create increased publicity but also generate significant extra financial return to the narrator via sales of the e-book.

Transcribing copy is a tedious task and consumes valuable time that a narrator could otherwise devote to recording. 


An economical and accurate  text transcription service is available from Amanda Friday.  For further information about this service or to obtain a quote please send us a message via the Contact page.


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